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CMI Industrial is proud of its heritage as a designer and manufacturer of top-quality sound and noise attenuation systems that have set the benchmark for quality and innovation. CMI has enjoyed a decades-long leadership position by offering unparalleled products and services, and maintaining industry-leading customer satisfaction.

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Small Block E-top Headers

CMI Small Block E-top Headers

The acceleration is really impressive. I can raise the nose very easy now in rough water making the boat run better. I have gained at least 5 Mph (all gps numbers) and can already feel a huge difference in midrange and out of the hole. Another benefit I saw was very little black soot on the transom when compared to the old manifolds.

R. Kennedy

  • Compatible with GM Small Block LT Siamese port engines.
  • A direct replacement for heavy, highly restrictive cast iron exhaust manifolds
  • Design constraints with cast iron manifolds create internal air resistance, making it difficult for exhaust gas to flow freely as it exits the cylinder head. This lack of exhaust flow hinders peak performance.
  • Performance gains in both horsepower and mid-range torque
  • Increased Fuel Efficiency
  • Lighter weight 316L stainless steel
  • Available in satin or polished finish
  • Patented “Cool Collar” design provides a short hot section at the flange, which helps minimize the possibility of water ingestion in to the engine.